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"Your reputation in the medical community is stellar, and your performance has been outstanding!"
Mr. Jeffrey Doran, Past Senior Vice President Lahey Hospital & Medical Center Current Vice President of System Clinical Services Eastern Maine Medical Center
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Project News

In The Works: South County Health

Check out the link here to get a glimpse at one of our current projects. We are working on the Center for Advanced Orthopedic Surgery which is currently under construction on the South County Hospital campus. Continue to check back for more updates as the project...

The Miriam Hospital Retail Pharmacy

After four months of construction, the Miriam Hospital Retail Pharmacy has come to life. Optimal organization, a larger space with seating in the waiting area, and seamless finishes create an ideal environment for the pharmacy team and their patients. #lifespanri #pharmacy #healthcarearchitecture...

University Orthopedics – A Story from NBC10

A great story from NBC10. It's a remarkable feeling to see the spaces we design aid in the bettering of someone's life. Kindly visit us https://cashcomet.co.uk/doorstep/cash-to-door/ #universityorthopedics #eosmachine #eastprovidence http://turnto10.com/features/health-landing-page/health-check-kids/health-check-kids-x-rays-and-eos-treatment...